At the present moment, on our computer screen we are confronted with a flow of images and texts that sometimes inform us and sometimes misinform us, sometimes terrorize us and sometimes reassure us, sometimes promise to keep alive our illusion that nothing has change. And yet, reality has changed and is changing every day. We observe it, we feel it, we know it. MOMus, continuing the “Resilience Project”, is expanding its resilience and wants to communicate more with everyone who needs it. Share with us an image created by you that has artistic qualities, in response to the conditions of confinement that we experience. The aim is not simply to create social substitutes for our loneliness, nor simply to protect basic values and acquired rights, but, under this extreme and unexpected condition of everyday life that has affected all of us indiscriminately, to redefine values such as freedom, equality, justice, free time, solidarity and access to the basic goods of health, education and culture. Comment our new, hopefully temporary, way of life and of communication with your own photo, your painting, drawing or other visual medium that may be in the form of image, animation, sound, text or video. Give your own tone and let's make the digital album of these days all together.

Eleonora Geortsiaki

Eleonora Geortsiaki

Undergraduate student at the Fine Arts and Art Sciences Department of the University of Ioannina in the field of Sculpture.
Thursday, 28 May 2020 15:47

What day is it?

-What day is it? -26 May [From the series "Quarantine life"]
Friday, 22 May 2020 20:12

What day is it?

-What day is it? -21 May [From the series "Quarantine life"]
Friday, 22 May 2020 20:04

What day is it?

-What day is it? -11 May [From the series "Quarantine life"]
Thursday, 14 May 2020 11:05

Untitled-19 | 3D Collage

This visual experimentation constitutes a piece of the series Untitled-19.
Thursday, 14 May 2020 10:41

Hand Pressure

Οργανικές φόρμες δημιουργημένες μέσα από μια αλληλουχία πιέσεων των άκρων με το υλικό. Αυτό που με ενδιέφερε ήταν ότι μέσα από τις φόρμες υπάρχει η αίσθηση του γνώριμου μέσω της αποτύπωσης της αφής, ταυτόχρονα με την αίσθηση του ανοίκειου. Οι φόρμες που προέκυψαν δεν υπέστησαν καμία μεταβολή μετά το πλάσιμο αφού σκοπός δεν ήταν η αισθητική του αποτελέσματος αλλά η διαδικασία της διαφορετικής αίσθησης του ‘αγγίζω’. [Υλικό: air dried clay. Οι διαστάσεις κυμαίνονται: μήκος: 5εκ.-7εκ., πλάτος: 2.5εκ.-5εκ., ύψος: 2εκ.-7εκ.]
Wednesday, 13 May 2020 19:41


Somedays I was feeling great, but there were other days. In these “other days”, I experienced feelings and states I have never encountered before. Days like these were the ones I needed to get to know myself, as if I did not know me at all. I felt the need to not do or hear anything or anyone. The need of only hearing myself, my thoughts and my body. Through this I met some unknown parts of myself and I reached a deeper kind of love. The hardest thing to me was to feel and communicate with my mind and body simultaneously. Maybe, through this self-isolation, I made a small step towards finding balance between my emotions and my body image. Maybe this is my starting point. [From these anti-casts I am experimenting with representing the Body from an opposite perspective and materialising the empty space that surrounds it.]


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