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Installation Τhe Circle Cubed resulted from the workshops held by Dimitris Ameladiotis for the classes of both men and women at the 3rd SSC of Thessaloniki, Diavata in the Spring of 2019.

Preoccupation with the concepts derived from the meanings of the words:

a) Circle = point of departure, restart, new period or beginning, circular logic.
b) Ball of thread= return, escape, a unit of time measurement, narration i.e. a fairytale, Ariadne's thread.
c) Cube= framework, rule, delimitation, oppositional logic, space, empowerment, volume, cage, cell, everyday routine.
d) Nest= homecoming, embrace, home, familiarity and communication, hearth and home.
e) Sun= light, breath

The installation includes:

-the student’s notebooks

-Dimitris Ameladiotis’ artworks:

“Returnings” ball of thread, 2017
“Cube”, reeds and thread, 2008

Participating students

Amalia, Angelina, Gardenia, Theodora, Svetlana, Tereza
Alilou, Andi, Alvaro, Artan, Ahmed, Dimitri, Eglo, Endri, Enver, Edmond, Mitjo, Besnik K., Klodian, Costas, Raphael, Theodor.
The photo of the installation is by pSari Visual productions the other photos are courtesy of the artist.



  • Dimitris Ameladiotis, tou chronou, mixed technique, variable dimensions, in situ installation, 2018-2020.
    Τhe work pre-existed in another form prior to the artist’s invitation to this project. Dimitris Ameladiotis worked on it and kept weaving and evolving it from the first moment of his involvement and throughout his visits in the prison until the day of the opening of the exhibition. This work can be interpreted as an impossible prison break, as well as a metaphor for the routes we chose in our lives, the notion of the maze, the sea, time passing by in prison, patience and, finally, everyday routine, whether we are “in there” or “out here”...
    The photo of the installation is by pSari Visual productions the other photos are courtesy of the artist.
    2 του χρόνου Αμελαδιώτης
    3 του χρόνου Αμελαδιώτης
    1 του χρόνου Αμελαδιώτης
  • Dimitris Ameladiotis, Codex, hand-made Chinese manuscript in book form, pencils, pastels, graphite, ink on a bookshelf, variable dimensions, based on narrations and texts of the students, 2020.
     The photos are courtesy of the artist.


  • Dimitris Ameladiotis, Each garden, a nest for the children, mixed technique,
    52x58x37cm, sculpture, 2019-2020.
    The artist likens the sculpture to a prison model. The fact that it is presented as if witnessed from above is not accidental, referring to the way of looking down on something that makes us feel ill at ease.
    The photo of the installation is by pSari Visual productions the other photos are courtesy of the artist.

    1  φωλιά Αμελαδιώτης
    2  φωλιά Αμελαδιώτης
    3  φωλιά Αμελαδιώτης


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